20 June 2017 @ 11:29 am

[community profile] hd_familyfest PROMPTING POST

10 prompts/user. Please put each prompt as it's own entry. Use the following form for your prompts:

REMINDER: the prompts are going to be served as guidelines. Authors/Artists can interpret them in their own way.

Just an FYI, you do not have to claim a prompt in order to prompt for the fest, and you do not have to prompt anything in order to make a claim. You are also allowed to claim your own prompt.

Prompting ends on July 1st. Claiming begins on July 5th.

Prompting for this fest is not anonymous, so comments will not be screened.

This post is for PROMPTS ONLY. Please ask all your questions HERE! Or via email @ hdfamilymod@gmail.com

Basic scenario(s) for prompts can be:
-in an established relationship, learning to live with each other,
-as new parents,
-mpreg, where they're planning to have a baby or they're preparing for one or they're raising their kids together
-as single dads, raising their kids on their own, who then come together and become a couple.
-or anything else you would like to see about Harry and Draco becoming a family!

Prompts and stories do not have to be with children in them.

Prompting post on LJ is here & on DW is here. Limit: 10 prompts/per person. If you prompted 10 times on LJ, do not prompt again on DW, or vice versa.
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